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Alright so as technology becomes better and better there are always the little things that can completely mess up your devices. Today, that happened to me. I was playing My Country on my phone when it froze. I removed the battery and restarted the phone. I then attempted to uninstall my Launcher 7 and went back to TWLauncher. Well as it so happens something got messed up and my phone was self-crashing the TWLauncher every time it tried to load the UI. I read online that in order to do a factory reset without going through the Settings menu you have to hold a specific set of buttons to get in to the OS settings.

Everyone told me it was hold the volume down button and turn on the phone. Wrong.

I called USCC today and the woman I spoke to informed me that in order to do this hard restore was to hold BOTH volume UP and DOWN. Then, while still holding down the volume buttons, press and hold the POWER button until you see the SAMSUNG logo. Release the POWER button ONLY! You should be almost instantly directed to the operating system backup menu.

Using the volume UP and DOWN buttons, select the option that has "Factory Reset" in the name or something of the similar. Press the HOME key on your phone to select. Then you will be given a prompt to ensure your selection is the correct one. Press volume UP for YES and volume DOWN for NO.

After hitting volume UP for YES, your phone will delete all data and reset it to factory specifications.

*RECOMMENDED: Remove your SD card to ensure that you do not delete any sensitive data that you would like to keep. i.e. contacts, music, pictures, etc.*

Hope this helps everyone out that needs it!

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Yeah, volume down and power is a popular method (it is on mine and my GF's), but each phone is different.

Thanks for letting folk know, maybe others will find it useful. :)


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Glad to be of assistance. If you'd like to take this post and put it in a support section or something (or even, dare I say, make it a stickey), feel free!


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Why not just go to menu> settings> privacy and select "factory reset"?

In some cases, such as the one I experienced, I was unable to access any portion of my phone's menus due to the constant OS crashing and force-closing of the TWLauncher application (which is what your Android phone operates off of). This being the case, I had to use the method described above in order to get my phone working again. It's a very simple and quick process.


So can anyone tell me if this factory restore option also wipes out the settings from uscellular? such as your phone number?? and any other settings they do when you get a phone???

I have begun noticing a slow down on my mesmerize and it is so bad my wife's htc merge is faster! And I have the better processor.

Any how, I have installed and removed apps for over a year now and I want to get a fresh start with only the apps I know I want on the phone. Only way for me to do this is a factory restore isn't it? Or is there an app to hunt down remnants of removed apps and clean up the phone?

Thanks in advance...