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Froyo and Flash Player on i5800l

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by toddr, May 22, 2011.

  1. toddr

    toddr Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I recently installed Android 2.2 on my Apollo i5800l and I'd like to know if there's a way to install Adobe Flash Player on it.

    I've tried to install 10.2 and 10.3 and when I run the apk file I get the error message "Application not installed"

    Does anyone know if it's actually possible to install it on the Apollo?

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  2. philheckler

    philheckler Newbie

    As far as i know you can't install adobe flash player even with v2.2 os , it's because the slow 600mhz cpu in the appollo doesn't meet the minimum spec for full flash content.
  3. DrewMove

    DrewMove Newbie

    Hi Toddr

    If you want just to play your Youtube movies or some flash videos,
    I suggest you to install Skyfire on your phone. It is a Android browser.
    More info on: www.skyfire.com.

  4. nandroidman

    nandroidman Lurker

    I installed 10.1 sucessfully.
  5. DrewMove

    DrewMove Newbie

    Nandroidman, explain.
  6. toddr

    toddr Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I was on a site (ctv.ca) that had some content that required flash player. I tried that browser you suggested to no avail. Thanks anyways.

    Nandroidman: can you explain how you installed 10.1 on your apollo. Thanks.
  7. Anyone had any luck with this, or is Nandroidman having a laugh?
  8. arnold22

    arnold22 Member

    I tried installing Flash and was not able too. I believe the requirement is a minimum of 1Ghz process which our phone do not have.

  9. scscotty83

    scscotty83 Lurker

    struggling with the same problem myself just wondering if it would be possible to install an earlier version of flash player? can any 1 help me?
  10. Tigsteroonie

    Tigsteroonie Newbie

    I got Flash 10.1 installed but it doesn't help with most applications (because they seem to realise that you've got the wrong processor, or wrong version of Flash, whatever!)

    Trick seems to be putting the .apk into the root of the SD card before running it.
  11. scscotty83

    scscotty83 Lurker

    chhers gona sound pretty stupid now but where do i get the .apk file from? lol
  12. arnold22

    arnold22 Member

    do a search for adobeflash.apk or a variation of those words on google.
  13. I've just stumbled across this article. How to get Flash Player 10.1 on your older non supported handsets – Android UK News etc I haven't tried it yet and might not have time today, but it sounds promising.

    It says you must use a browser that supports it. I use Opera Mini (for browsing, because it seems fastest) so guess it won't work on that anyway, but does anyone know if the stock browser supports it? I'm guessing it would, but don't know.
  14. Craig C

    Craig C Lurker

    Hey Thorahird,
    I posted that piece at Android UK News. I tested on the stock browser also and it worked on my ZTE Blade fine. Although it was a slower experience using the stock browser than Dolphin HD was and seemed to drain the battery a lot more.

    Remember if it doesn't work to your desired effect, don't bash it as it's a mod after all. The Android community work hard to bring us extra's and we should remember to support developers and modders for there efforts.

    Craig Clark
  15. Alright Craig, keep your hair on. I wasn't going to knock it as I know it's a mod and it's probably far better than anything I could do.

    Has anyone had any luck with this?
  16. sureshame

    sureshame Lurker

    Froyo i5801 supports flash version only upto 10.1. U can't install higher versions such as 10.2 or whatever..
    But even it does support 10.1 flash, there is no usage becoz of processor...
    Not only in gal i5801..even other phones such as gal i5510,pop,fit etc that comes with default froyo doen't seem to run flash effectively becoz of low processor speeds..
    Obviously a 2.2 froyo phone with low processor speed (less than 1 ghz) is like a Ferrari with wooden wheels..U can't do anything with that...
  17. marcelf

    marcelf Member

    this expalins a lot. I managed to install flash 10.1 after several attempts. When I went to the internet to try it, it locked up and exited to the home screen. I have now removed it, and have given up. I have tried skyfire, but it still won't play bbc iplayer or itv player.


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