Root Help somethings wrong with my indulge

help im not sure what i did wrong ok it started like this I was at work trying to download a song i havent heard in a long while so i decided to use my mp3 downloader and usually my 4g kicks in and gets to work fast but this time it was acting wierd as if it didnt exist so i tried for an hr and nothing would show up in the downloader I even downloaded other downloaders and nothing but my 4g works great still on the internet and youtube so i figure what if when i rooted my phone the other day something went wrong? so i decided to go into rom manager and use my backup i created after i rooted for the first time it goes into recovery mode and backs ups things when its done I find out i have the basic screen from when I first bought the phone months ago all of my ringtones and apps are gone even the ones I installed on my sd card WTF (sorry about that) i was furious and i realized my contacts were gone and I couldnt get them back i cant even change the wallpaper on my phone!! so im stuck in a rut I dont even know if they is a way i could recover all of my apps and files i had before any ideas on this guys I really apprieciate the help on this one Im really a newb at this to be honest
*P.S.* Crap now it wont even let me connect to my laptop via USB everytime I do It asks samsung kies whatever that is and mass storage i choose mass storage and when i try to activate it it quickly falshes off as if its preventing me to start the transfer i really need help on this


Android Expert
Flash with ODIN to get back to stock.
As far as the Samsung Kies screen, don't select anything there. Just hit the back or the home key and use the pull-down notification menu instead.
Do remember though, from now on, to always make backups of your roms before EVERY flash. whether it's to go back, or forward. Just in case.
Of course, you can always try to reflash the basix ROM again instead, just make sure you delete dalvik-cache and data before you install it, and it should be just fine, without you even needing to use ODIN to return back to factory firmware.