samsung galaxy indulge

  1. A

    Root looking for a rom

    don't know if I'm posting in the right spot or if anyone would even reply. but I'm looking for a 2.3 Rom for my Samsung indulge r915 cricket. if anyone has it that would be really nice.
  2. T

    Root indulge.aio.v1.00

    Can someone please give me this file. I can not find it on the net anymore. I need to root and install cwm on an indulge. Thank you very much.
  3. S

    Root Lost Root after Wipe Data/Factory Reset - Basix & ElectricSheep

    Well, I made a previous post trying to figure out how to get this device (R910) to work without the UICC. Tried editing build.prop (no luck). I finally, after a long time, gathered that you could not. I accomplished a full flash to PagePlus 3G/Calling/Text (did not test MMS, but I know I...
  4. T

    Help Latest Stock Rom For the SCH-R915?

    Is there any one out there that have the latest stock for the Cricket Samsung Galaxy Indulge SCH-R915? or any stock rom for that matter? The only two I can find on the internet are no good. The one on this forum when installed it just keeps restarting my launcher (not my phone). And the other...
  5. Tokenpoke

    Help Old 910 found. Charging question.

    Found my old indulge... I don't remember if it's dead or not so I'm wondering if it takes a minute to charge enough to power up the charging screen. It hasn't been turned on in a year and was left with the battery installed for some reason. I never modded it so I know it's not bricked.
  6. S

    Root [BOUNTY] - Disable UICC R910 (Insert MetroPCS SIM...)

    Tried editing the build.prop, tried dialer codes, using ElectricSheep kernel and Basix ROM, disabled RUIM in CDMA Workshop. I cannot get any service period without the SIM inserted. My problem is, I have about 10 of these with no UICC. I would like to use this device for 3G only. I got $100...
  7. S

    Root We Need to Disable The UICC

    As we know, we cannot get a UICC for MetroPCS very easily now, they are pricy (just considering what they are) around $25 right now. I have installed the Basix ROM and the electricsheep-10-newsu-signed Kernel as well. I want someone to maybe guide me in the correct direction to disable the...
  8. S

    Root Stuck in Safemode even after hard reset and flash to stock

    Hello, I had Basix installed and one day it decided to crash on me(I have not installed any new apps recently). This is normal but when it rebooted, my phone went into safe mode(has happened a lot with my previous indulges) but this time it is different. After having my battery out all night...
  9. M

    Help Samsung Galaxy Indulge freeze while using the camera

    Once in a while, my Samsung Galaxy Indulge freezes while using the camera. I can see the camera image moving if I move the phone but the phone doesn't reply to any button and I have to power down and restart the phone. ANy idea on how to solve that problem?
  10. M

    Help Samsung Galaxy Indulge freeze at startup

    When I start up my Indulge, it freeze at the Samsung logo (with the Samsung web site written). I tried a hard reset (R + power button) and it didn't solve the problem. When I try the other reset (Volume down + power button), I see the same logo displaying then it turns off, then it displays...
  11. jvillejoe

    Root Stuck on the Samsung screen.

    Ok, my brother gave me his phone that's stuck at the Samsung screen. It just stays there and does nothing. So I decided to try to flash the stock rom with Odin. Everything went through, but its still stuck at the Samsung screen. I can get it in download mode, but can't get it to go to recovery...
  12. P

    Root It has been a fun experience!

    I got into the Indulge fairly late and I guess out later than most but it has been a fun experience. Thanks Konane, tiede and everybody that put hard work onto both the phone and helping people on the forum. I broke my screen a couple of weeks ago and ordered a new digitizer online, it seems...
  13. C

    Root Software update required. (Using Aitos)

    Well we have to upgrade our phones to patch the LTE thing. Are we able to install this update using a rooted phone? I got a VM telling me August 8 our data will be off. Rooted with Aitos Revenge and Clockwork Thank You
  14. Gman9831

    MetroPCS PSA: Look to see if your phone's affected

    Look and see if your phone will be affected by this
  15. Metroid Prime

    Samsung Galaxy Indulge Useful Thread Guide

    Here's a list of hopefully useful / helpful / informative threads for the Samsung Galaxy Indulge. If you find / see another thread that you think is worthy of inclusion here, please PM a Guide or a Moderator or just hit the Report /!\ button to let us know about the thread to be added to this...
  16. S

    Help Samsung Indulge will not install apps from Google Play

    Hello all Recently Picked up an Samsung Indulge R910 off a police forfit auction, and have a strange issue with it. I buy andorid phones like this all the time, I use the more for the cameras, games, and as e-reader. I do not acctivate them with there network, as i do not want to pay for a...
  17. A

    Help Stuck in Boot Loop? How to fix without erasing notes?

    My galaxy indulge is stuck in a boot loop. It just keeps saying samsung and then shutting off every 3 seconds. I had it rooted about 2 years ago and havn't messed with it since. I was in my taskmanager just flipping through stuff and I realize I could have messed something up. Is there...
  18. A

    Root Stuck in boot loop! Urgent!

    My galaxy indulge is stuck in a boot loop. It just keeps saying samsung and then shutting off every 3 seconds. I had it rooted about 2 years ago and havn't messed with it since. I was in my taskmanager just flipping through stuff and I realize I could have messed something up. Is there anyway I...
  19. B

    Root samsung indulge root

    my phone keeps turning on and off at the logo screen i have a samsung indulge and i cannot hard reset or go recovery it wont even connect to the computer any suggestions?:confused:
  20. O

    Help So, shot a five minute video, and phone won't UL it to Youtube now

    Instead, I get an error message telling me "Cannot upload a video larger than 1gig." It's a five minute vid. Shot from a cell phone. There's no WAY it can be a gig. Even better is this....when I connect my phone to a computer and look at the file folders marked "Videos" and "MyVideos"...
  21. K

    Root Cricket Indulge semi-bricked? Internal SD not recognized!

    Just finished rooting my Indulge SCH-R915 (from Cricket), using the method described here: And now, it's as though the built-in internal SD storage is GONE! Astro...
  22. G

    Root One more Samsung Galaxy Indulge root

    Can someone please upload or tell me where to get the files to root the Samsung Galaxy Indulge??? My mother is a little slow when it comes to technology :o but she hates all the metro pcs apps so she constantly keeps bugging me to take them off:( can ANYONE please help me so i can stop her...
  23. T

    Help Phone won't stop restarting after reassembly

    I bought a new digitizer for my phone and tried putting it in today. After reassembling my phone four times i found that the new digitzer wasn't working, so I reassembled my phone with the old one. But now my phone keeps on showing the black and white SAMSUNG splash for a few seconds...
  24. P

    Help touch screen non responsive

    well I guess my recent question about basic navigation skills isn't too important to me now I went to sleep last night and my Indulge was working great, woke up to a low battery(forgot to connect it to the charger) so I did the usual battery swap. Turned the phone back on...everything...
  25. P

    Help can't believe I don't already know this

    I don't run across the need for it too often but lets say I am looking at something in google play...(where its not really in a full browser) or using google search, anything like that....i can press the back button on the phone to keep stepping backward..... is there a forward button that will...
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