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Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dice, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Dice

    Dice Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have had my Eris since it went on sale and I love it. I was wondering if anyone else was having an issue with their Eris getting way hot while on a call. After about 5 mins it starts warming up. After 10, it is close to fire.

    It also gets warm(the back, I am assuming the battery) when playing games.

    I expected it to get a little warm while playing games but not while on a call.

    And before anyone says get a bluetooth, I have one but still don't think it should be getting as hot as it is.

    Anyone else having this same issue? Thanks!

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  2. What you think is "hot" is actually regular temps and not hot.
  3. Dice

    Dice Lurker
    Thread Starter

    No. I know what normal temp is! This is a lot hotter than that. It is hot enough to leave my ear red after a 20 min call and that is with switching ears during the call.
  4. Chopstick2U

    Chopstick2U Android Enthusiast

    I had an all-aluminum LG flip phone for years, so I don't notice when phones get hot. This isn't helpful in any way.
  5. revtime

    revtime Well-Known Member

    If its getting hot enough to burn your ear then you need to have the phone looked at. Mine gets warm for sure but not HOT.
  6. Actually no you dont know what is hot or not. One needs to have an education in electrical engineering or thermal dynamics to understand what is hot or not. Semiconductor silicon can reach temps of boiling water and still function within limits. If your phone is as hot as bioling water than yes you have a probelm. If not then no your phone is not running anywhere NEAR hot.

    Education is key to understanding our reality and how things work.
  7. AirPirate

    AirPirate Newbie

    Yes, I did notice the temp while phone was plugged into car receptacle. Warmer than my previous WM devices, but I don't know how warm is "too warm". Apparently, only the onion knows.
  8. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User

    i thought you were just saying that your phone was HOT (dope) .lol
  9. LOLz....(am I too old to say lolz?)
  10. ericDylan

    ericDylan Android Enthusiast

    dont you think that is taking it a little too far? i mean a background in thermal dynamics is not really required to figure out that phones should not be the temp of "boiling water"... just saying
  11. No but it is required to understand that there is no way this phone can run even warm giving the power dissipation of the internal chips. You have to understand that the general public thinks that the slightest amount of increase of temperature is a bad thing for electronics. This stems from companies poisoning the minds of the uneducated and as a result selling them gimmick products to cool down their electronics when in reality there is no need. Laptop coolers for example. This false mindset spreads over to all electronics devices.

    Education is key to understanding our reality.
  12. orzechowskid

    orzechowskid Lurker

    My Eris gets warm to the touch every once in a while too. Not hot enough to worry about, and certainly not hot enough to nearly burn my ear like the OP's seems to be, but it's definitely noticeable. I don't know where you get your facts about the heat dissipation of this phone, but they're not accurate.

    umm. I'm not really sure what you're trying to prove here.
  13. Gevis

    Gevis Android Enthusiast

    Well then, I would like to educate you about the Xbox 360, or my mother's computer that, without a laptop cooler, will shut down automatically if it gets too hot.

    Instead of acting like you know how hot the OPs phone is getting, why don't you instead tell him normal operating temperatures and how to monitor them.

    But to the OP whose question never really got answered is that it is normal for a phone to get warmer when being charged or playing something like a game, so don't be alarmed. I think you can get spare parts and look at battery info and look at the battery temp and all that. Mine runs at about 27 degrees Celsius, I haven't measured after playing games though. If you're worried you could keep a log or something so you can figure out your phones average temp or something and then you can see when it spikes.
  14. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    Or, if you happen to have one laying around (and aren't worried about how geeky your friends think you are :) ) you could zap the phone with one of those laser thermometers at various times to get it's actual temp. I was on an 1.5 hour conference call using speaker phone on my phone the other day, it got warmer than I would have thought it would, but no where near what *I* would call 'hot'. Aside from that one time, its temps feel fairly normal to me. It warms a bit when used and when charging, but nothing that surprises or concerns me.
  15. SIGH....must I say this again...Its all about education.

    There is nothing wrong with the cooling in the Xbox360 or your laptop.

    1. Many people damaged thier xbox360s because they ran them inside unvented cabinets and unvented entertainment units hence the overheating.
    2. Your laptop is overheating because there is dust clogging the heatsink fins or fan failure.

    You see how proper education is key to understanding how reality works...
  16. aleis

    aleis Android Expert

    sometimes...u are right on point :)
  17. Droid-boy

    Droid-boy Lurker

    Onion, you're a douche. Seriously. No one cares about your degree or knowledge of thermal dynamics...

    Dice - If it is uncomfortable to the touch, it is too hot. Take it back because something is malfunctioning.
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  18. It can NEVER be uncomfortable to the touch. There simply is not enough energy being disipated to generate that kind of tempurature.
  19. orzechowskid

    orzechowskid Lurker

    In your rush to bring the reality to us poor uneducated folks with poisoned minds etc. etc., you're assuming that the OP's phone is working properly. That's a pretty strong assumption to make when the only information they've given suggests otherwise. How do you know this? Do you have it in front of you to play with? What makes you think the OP has an imaginary problem with their phone and not, say, that its battery is malfunctioning? Because I just pulled the battery in my Eris and looked at the label; it's rated at 3.7V @ 1300mAh, or 4.81 watt-hours, or 17316 joules. If my math is right, that's enough to bring a little less than two ounces of room-temperature water to a hundred degrees C. So go ahead and claim whatever you'd like, but it won't change the fact that the OP is holding enough potential energy against his ear to make things pretty uncomfortable if things are not behaving as they should. I don't know if a bad battery is actually the case here, but your absolute refusal to consider any explanation besides "you're making it up" doesn't help solve anything.

    Try dialing back the self-righteousness and stop making bad assumptions. It's counterproductive, and potentially dangerous in this case if it turns out there really is a problem with OP's phone but you manage to convince them otherwise.

    OP: bring your phone into the store and try to demonstrate your problem to a Verizon rep, and see what they have to say.
  20. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

  21. kar0la420

    kar0la420 Member

  22. thelion

    thelion Member

    Onion, you are a fool. It can be uncomfortable to the touch. Perhaps his phone is not working properly? I know my Eris gets much warmer than ANY other phone I have owned - particularly while charging. Is it hot? No but I wouldn't hold it for more than a few moments.
  23. Dice

    Dice Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for everyone's thoughts! The one thing I do know is that I am obviously not as smart as onion! The other thing I know, is that some people take the words written on these forums way to literally! My phone is fine. I was just curious if anyone else had the same issue with their phone. It gets "hot" when I talk on it for 10 mins or more. That's all! Thanks!
  24. Kragar

    Kragar Newbie


    You are an idiot. Mine got hot tonight and I mean HOT! It was in my pocket and burned my leg enough to look like a sunburn.

    I will be taking mine in tomorrow to have someone look at it. While no "expert" In thermodynamics as you seem to preach I teach computers at a university and I know what a hot electronic is. I guess you do not have enough memory left to remember IBM laptop batteries bursting into flame.

    Dell recalls 22,000 batteries - The Inquirer

    The OP has a concern and your spouting of crap is enough to give everyone a belly ache. So shut up and just accept the fact that these can get hot enough to burn someone.:mad:
  25. droid-dohrk

    droid-dohrk Member

    I was talking with my wife yesterday (She has an Eris too) for 18mins and she commented to me that the phone was pretty hot on her ear and that back case too. We have had about 7 different phones between us over the years and this one does get hot, we both notice it. Our other phones barely warm up. We both have signal reports where it will show 0 bar or maybe 1 bar. The About Phone, Signal Strength usually says 0 db or -97db most all the time for me. The calls work fine though. I still wonder if the phone is confused and is pumping up the RF power because it thinks it has a bad signal. You can play videos or shoutcast for > 1 hour and it gets a little warm for me.

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