How do I....

I'm new to the community and can't figure out how to post a question (new thread) to the Android Forum for the My Tracks app. Can someone point me towards the "how to post" FAQ?

Paul James


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Hi Paul, and welcome to AF.

This is a fine logical conundrum you've set: posting a new thread to ask how to post a new thread! ;)

Assuming this isn't intended as a self-referential joke (if it is, you'll fit in just fine here :)) then I guess you'd really like to know where best to post it, in which case the answer is Android Applications - Android Forums. Navigate there then hit the "new thread" button at the bottom of the page.

If you want to make sure you don't break the site rules, then look here. "Be nice, no spam, nothing illegal" covers the essence of it.

Anyway, welcome again, and enjoy your stay. If there's anything you want, just ask one of the staff (red or green badges).


Smoke me a kipper...
Good point B2L!

Paul, I've taken the liberty of removing your email address from the post. Apologies for interfering, but I didn't want it to be crawled by a spambot while we consulted you. If you wish to reinstate it, use the edit button on the post and you can put it back.

The forum also has a "private message" feature, usually abbreviated to PM, which allows members to exchange messages one-to-one without making their email addresses public. Just click on the member's name in the sidebar by their post and it will be one of the options.


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Oh no e-mail address? I'd like to think it was

Not sure why. Im even resetting peoples passwords to that at work right now (or something including spongebob anyway).

Whats worse is Im far too old for Spongebob first time round and I dont have kids either.