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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kikipaca, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. kikipaca

    kikipaca Lurker
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    I am brand new to android phones and could use all the help I can get! The main issue I'm having is how to put music on my phone? I have an LG Optimus Q slider; any and all help will be appreciated!

  2. olbriar


    Hi kikipaca. Welcome to these forums. I hope you enjoy your time here and we certainly appreciate you becoming a member. Putting music on your Optimus should be just a matter of connecting your phone to your PC via the usb cable and copying the files of interest into a folder you create called Music. But, for the best advise/tips on transferring your music library you will want to check into the support/discussion area we have for your Optimus. Below is a link to that area... Please check it out. Thanks for joining these forums and I hope you enjoy.
    LG Optimus Slider - Android Forums
  3. scroy

    scroy Lurker

    Hy dear
    i would like to know that how can i connect HTC wildfire through my laptop internet ?
    whenever i try it says that put the CD and install the devise but i do not any CD
    so please tel me how can i do this thank you

    kind regard
  4. olbriar


    Hi scroy, welcome to Android Forums. If you have a wifi connection for your laptop, you should be able to connect to that wifi with you Wildfire. You should not have to loop though your laptop to gain internet access. For more detailed information for your Wildfire you will want to check into the area we have just for discussing your phone. Below is a link to that area. Have fun and thanks for joining these forums.
    HTC Wildfire - Android Forums

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