My findings with the new radio, finally better battery life!


Hey guys,
Yesterday I updated to the radio and here are my findings:

I am running DC 2.08.1

- This is the first time EVER that my phone has lasted the entire day. With normal use, i would usually need a charge by 5pm. Its now 9pm and I still have 17% remaining. Im not saying its spectacular, but I definitely gained.

- No difference with signal strength that i noticed.

I was previously on the stock radio, I didnt even know you could update it until yesterday! Do new radios come bundled with RUU's?

Hope this helps someone :)



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which radio did you use?
what city do you live in? want to see if area coverage makes a difference.

I have been thinking about updating the radio.. but a little nervous.


The new 2.1 update will update the radio to this version. I havnt really noticed too much more battery life because I use doggcatcher all day listening to Howard Stern Etc.


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Im getting insane battery with 2.1. I charged last night and have had my phone off the charge for 24 hours and Im at 52%. Ive reloaded all my apps today, bluetooth calls, wifi, web browsing. Everything you could imagine Ive done including tethering.

Coming from a moment this is a HUGE improvement.