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my x10 won't charge!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jpr1d3, May 24, 2010.

  1. Jpr1d3

    Jpr1d3 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    before, it works perfectly fine with main charge and usb charge.
    and now it won't charge whatsoever no matter how i try.
    i did the factory reset on my x10. still it wont charge.
    btw when i turn off my x10 first, then connects it to the power.
    it would turn on my phone like others but just wont charge.
    is there anyone having this problem?????
    please help me...........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thinking:

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  2. pinetowncop

    pinetowncop Lurker

    I bought a second battery and it did that! It sounds like it could be a faulty battery......or maybe a problem with the usb port on the phone!
  3. Jpr1d3

    Jpr1d3 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thank you
    i think i need to find a technician to take a look at my x10。
    because i did try used a third party charger and tried to charge my friend's N97 with my x10 original power adapter.
    my power adapter works fine on N97.
    i guess there maybe a problme with the usb port like u said above.
  4. Carld23

    Carld23 Lurker


    Had my X10 for a week now. Android is awesome! At first i had the usual battery issues everyone is talking about.. battery not lasting more than a day, etc. Now, a week into having the phone, it won't charge either! So frustrating! Also tried different chargers but while none work on my phone, they all work on other phones.

    When i plug the charger in, it boots the phone up (as if it is charging), but then shuts down automatically again cause the battery level is so low!
  5. metcard

    metcard Newbie

    is the red light flashing?
    try removing the battery for a few seconds then reinsert the battery whilst the wall charger is plugged in. give it 5 mins before attempting to switch it back on.
    if it manages to switch back on, try to put the phone in flight mode until the red light turns a pale green.
  6. lcrkz0023

    lcrkz0023 Member

    i have exact same problem, it happened to me last night outta the blue. my wife has the x10 also so i switched chargers, batteries, everything still same problem. i called se this morning and since im in the usa and have the x10i its gonna be lenghty process. they will fix but since phone not sold in usa yet they would have to send off and he said it could be weeks. have figured out a solution? what u gonna do? right now im charging battery thru my wifes phone and thats already getting old. i think the usb port went bad.
  7. Dominator2k10

    Dominator2k10 Lurker

    I have a problem with my x10i, i've had the phone 4 days now and it's been charging fine. I put it on charge every night (all night) and have had no problems untill when i woke up yesterday i noticed i had half full battery! my phone was still pluged into charger but wasnt charging! It was charging when i went to bed fine! when i connect my phone to my pc it will charge and function as normal so i can rule out cable and my usb port on phone. Could it be the plug? could it have over heated due to over night charging? this is really annoying as i now have to charge all morning via pc! any help would be most appreciated, thanks in advance.
  8. niknik

    niknik Lurker

    Hey all,
    Am having the same problem but now and again it does charge. When its not working and my phone is off i plug it in and it automatically turns on so there must be some charge getting through. Am really confused tried everything down to unistalling programs to swapping batteries, chargers etc, ive even tried taking out the battery like someone had advised but still nothing. I think its the usb port as some times it works and sometimes is doesn't. Wouldnt recommend this phone to anyone!!!
  9. xx_raj_xx

    xx_raj_xx Member

    got the same issue.
    phone back with voda uk for repair...
    will keep you posted

  10. tinkk

    tinkk Member

    my usb was broken, rang orange last night and they said it was a manufacturers problem, so theyr meeting me at work today and giving me a new one for freeeeee, result :)
  11. d_dan

    d_dan Newbie

    I have 2 x10's both stopped charging when they were less than a month old within a space of a week. Sony swapped out both handsets. I have both back now 3 weeks and now one is after stopping charging! seriously this is not cool!
  12. omgsigh

    omgsigh Lurker

    i sold an X10i to trade in for a X10a a few months ago. But the buyer went and jammed another memory card into the slot when there was already one there. So the phone would not turn on or charge. So I got the phone back and lost my money. I tried buying third party warranty and charging it through various outlet. Well today I just gave up and was about to open it myself to check whats wrong with it. Took out the memory card and switched batteries to check one last time AND IT WORKED. for everyone having this problem try taking out the memory card first.
  13. Jpr1d3

    Jpr1d3 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i did call the sony ericsson customers service that they replied to me that since X10 is not offically release in US. they will charge me 185 for repairing if i went without the proof of purchase and plus like u said a lenghty process. i was arguin with them on the phone for hours. still nothing was solved at the end of the conversation. i just waitin for better solution from them. i dont trust those third party mobile repair service on the market.
  14. Jpr1d3

    Jpr1d3 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i feel u yo. it gotta to be a manufacturers problem. one of my friends she has X10i too, less than one month after she purchased, she had tha same problem.
  15. Jpr1d3

    Jpr1d3 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i think we should all make complaints to sony about how bad their phone quality is.
    make them know we are serious. their phones aint cheap. our voice need to be heard.
  16. arash

    arash Newbie

    I have the same problem! Do your phones get really warm while being plugged in? This really sucks. Will try to get a hold of SE tomorrow. I have the x10i using it in US so hopefully this won't be a problem.
  17. haha get this . igot the xp 10 bout 3 months ago . worked fine for 2 weeks and it stopped charging exactly the same as you guys have all stated. took it in for repair . got it back 1 month later not repaired and the slimy ****s still had the nerve to charge me 70 buks for the repair . they said the phone wad damaged beyond repair . but that was bullshit cause i rang up consumer protection n told them wat happened and next day got a call from telstra saying that they will fix it . anyway they fixed it but guess how long that lasted . 5 ****ING DAYS . now it is doing the exact same thing . ive tried new batteries ,chargers ,cables aswell guys so dont waste your money. so in my experience . . DONT BUY THE XPERIA X10 . its cost me so much coin and cause so much hassle its just not worth it ey. i sypathise with you all and good luck
  18. Jpr1d3

    Jpr1d3 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    dont bother on the the this feature of turn the phone on with charger plug in.
    it is a default feature of the phone no matter whether or not the phone is charging.
  19. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    I've had my phone for 3 days and its already stopped charging :|

    It charges when held in a certain position but randomly stops charging!
  20. arash

    arash Newbie

    Mine very mysteriously started charging again and absolutely NO problems what so ever! So it is not something that burns on the circuit board. This is weird... I wonder what the problem is coming from...
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  21. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    This is strange because mine has done exactly the same thing :thinking:
  22. androidnoel

    androidnoel Lurker

    Not at all happy with my x10. Will not charge from either charger or USB or connect to computer. Called in to o2 yesterday in Solihull where the guy in there is usually hlpful but all he could say was that the phone would have to go back to SE and may take 2 weeks or so and I would lose all info and apps I have on the phone. I think there may be a trading standards issue here as the phone is obviously not fit for the purpose intended. I was not offered a phone to lend and my phone is important to my business. Am now considering moving from o2 to another provider. Anyone got any comments or advice, it would be very welcome as I have tried most things to get it charging again. Noel
  23. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    Well I had the same problem, rang T-mobile and they sent me out a new one which I am waiting for now, but I think this was because I was within the first 7 days of purchasing my Xperia. Usually I would have to send it to them for repair
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  24. ThFc

    ThFc Lurker

    I am on my 3rd x10, and Orange keep sending replacements and it always has same problem, went in on Saturday and was told it was a loose connection in the charging slot, and then told 'to maybe put an elastic band round the charger and the phone. Gonna ring them tomorrow and demand a replacement and I don't want another x10!!!
    It seems like a common problem and I think SE should do a recall!!
  25. MrWomble

    MrWomble Android Expert

    This is NOT a trading standards issue - but a manufacturing warranty issue, hence why O2 offered to send it to SE for repair - as for a loan phone, this is usually only offered by any store/carrier if
    A) they have any in store
    B) that you have an extended insurance plan on the phone

    seriously, if you bought a tennis racket and broke some strings would you restring it or go back to sports store claiming trading standards ??

    Trouble is with doing a recall is that it costs too much money, besides which it is not a 'common' problem as most have varying solutions

    if it was a faulty batch of batterys then yes, if it were faulty batch of USB's on handset then yes, but for varying degrees and causes, not a chance

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