Help Need software repair assistant


I downloaded the 4.3 update to my Verizon S3 and now when it turns on all I get is "Please use Software Repair Assistant & try again."

BUT from what I've seen is the only way to download the Software Repair Assistant is to have your phone connect to your computer, and allow it to install. WHICH I CANT DO since it won't let me past the error.

WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THE VERIZON SOFTWARE UPGRADE ASSISTANT? Or can somebody copy the files an email them to me??

This update was crap. I already tried Odin and Kies and neither one worked.

I need the verizon software.

Also, Odin doesn't have a 'PDA' button like they say it should. Any thoughts?


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Have you tried to do a hard reset? If you haven't take your SIM card out first. When it reboots itmay prompt you for the 4.3. If not call your carrier and tell them what your problem is. Maybe they can help. Use your PC and google I found it and download. Recheck Kies or lastly visit your local verizon store. This maybe a part of Kies