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New here

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by braxtoq, May 29, 2011.

  1. braxtoq

    braxtoq Lurker
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    OK, I am taking the advice from Lloyd, I guess, and saying Hi. I am fairly new to the android platform, having purchased a Thunderbolt to replace my last in a long line of Blackberries. I am a member of Android Central as well, coming over from Crackberry and wanted to venture in to another forum to get more advice and info. I do like the Thunderbolt and android platform. I have considered rooting, it just seems too complex and time consuming right now. I was pretty adept at loading BB OS systems that were either Beta or Hybrid, but rooting scares me a little. I am from NC and do not have 4G in the area I live in yet, I travel quite a bit and encounter 4G in Charlotte, Wilmington, Atlanta and cant wait to get it in Greensboro and the Raleigh area. OK, yep, I can be a bit chatty, that's all for now.:D

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  2. losteboye

    losteboye Lurker

    What do you think of your thunderbolt so far?

    I work at Best Buy, and we were all excited because it was supposed to be the first dual-core, but then it ended up just being single-core :(.

    I plan on Rooting mine (just joined the forum too), to have a bit more control over what apps run on startup, etc.
  3. olbriar


    Welcome to AF. Please take the time to look around. The forum is just lousy with information and helpful people. And being chatty is a plus here at AF.

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