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Nexus One VoIP sound quality is very poor

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MountainX, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I have both a Droid and a Nexus One. I have both of them set up for VoIP calls, and both are set up the same way. Here's how I set them up:

    How To Set Up VoIP on the Nexus One Google Phone using Sipdroid for Free Calls | Dave's Tech Shop

    How To Set Up VoIP on the Motorola Droid on Verizon Wireless using Sipdroid for Free Calls | Dave's Tech Shop

    The call quality on the Nexus One is much worse than the Droid. I did repeated tests with both. And I used WiFi, so it can't be a difference between VZW and T-Mobile.

    Anyone else tried VoIP on the Nexus One yet? I wonder if I have a defective phone or if this is a bigger issue.

    EDIT - The VoIP call quality problems are worse when using a headset on the Nexus One! VoIP quality on the Nexus One is marginal to poor without a headset, but with a headset it is unacceptable. I have tested four different headsets now. I have also tested those headsets on the Droid, and they are good. So the problem is the Nexus One, not any particular headset. My first thought was that I had a bad headset jack. However, after more trouble shooting I tend to think its not as simple as that. Music sounds fine through the headset. It is only VoIP sound that sucks when using a headset. The problem is so bad that phone calls using a headset are not workable.

    Summary of Nexus One and VoIP:
    * VoIP sound quality is marginal on WiFi with no headset.
    * Music sound is good with headset on Nexus One.
    * Headsets I'm testing with are good with VoIP and music on Droid.
    * VoIP on Nexus One with a headset has poor sound quality.

  2. rubi76

    rubi76 Well-Known Member

    Please clarify your last sentence?
    Without a headset quality is good.... so the problem would be the headset not the phone no?
  3. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Without a headset the VoIP sound quality is not as bad. But with ANY headset, the sound quality is very bad. The headsets give good sound on the Droid (or on other phones such as my Panasonic home phone). So the problem is the Nexus One -- something in the headset connection maybe.
  4. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    I think he's saying that he's tried the headset on both phones FIRST and they were fine. Then he took the headset off and found that the N1 quality was good without it. Correct? If that's the case, are you using bluetooth headset? Or wired? If it's wired, see if it's not something to do with the jack. If it's bluetooth, you may have a bad antennae. It's not unusual to have some production defects.
  5. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    They are both wired headsets.
    Music sounds good through these headsets, so the jack is OK.
  6. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I just tested a 3rd headset: v-moda vibe II (wired). Works OK for VoIP on Droid, but the Nexus One has the same problem on VoIP calls. Very poor sound quality. (Again, music sound is excellent with this 3rd headset on the Nexus One.)

    I also tested a 4th headset now. Same poor results on the Nexus One, but good sound on the Droid.

    If you want an Android phone for VoIP calls, I don't think the Nexus One is looking like a good choice. The Droid is much better. (But even the Droid isn't perfect for VoIP with a headset. See open issues at Sipdroid for more info.)
  7. t-mizzle

    t-mizzle Member

    It's only been out one day. Maybe it's just your unit or maybe it's a problem that can be addressed?
  8. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  9. LADude

    LADude Newbie

    Is anyone else having VOIP quality issues?
  10. jpw

    jpw Newbie

    My VoIP over WiFi (Nexus One) sounds like garbage with static and sound cutting in/out. I have tried it at two WiFi spots and will be trying a third today (a public one) as well as trying it over 3G.

    MountainX, there is a small error in your Sipdroid / Gizmo5 tutorial. Under Call Options for setting up Sipdroid, there is no "check for voicemail" setting in Sipdroid 1.2.4
  11. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    You're using a Nexus One, right? It would be great if you could borrow a second phone and compare. That's what I've been doing with the Droid and Nexus One. Where the Droid has good VoIP quality, the Nexus One sucks.

    Thank you!
  12. jpw

    jpw Newbie

    Yep, Nexus One. I don't have another phone to try VoIP but I have been using Google Voice / Gizmo5 on my PC for a long time and have never had any quality issues whereas the Nexus One + Sipdroid is terrible on the very same internet connection. It may be my wireless router but the other WiFi spot gave me the same results. I'm on to try a public WiFi but my hopes are not high.
  13. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    OK. That's good feedback. I can also tell you that the problem is not Sipdroid.
  14. Y314K

    Y314K Well-Known Member

    Not sure when this was added over @ Dave's... But here it is...

    So the main prob should be SipDroid + Nexus...
  15. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I just tested Fring on the Nexus One with Gizmo as the SIP provider. The Nexus One still has very poor VoIP calling quality. So I don't think the problem is Sipdroid on the Nexus One. Fring is actually a bit worse. I still think the problem is the Nexus One phone. It's especially bad with a headset.
  16. Y314K

    Y314K Well-Known Member

    Glad I decided to wait on getting it then..lol

    Gonna wait will Feb. to make a decision on my next phone... Been waiting for over a year now... Guess a couple of months for HTC/Google to either fix the Nexus many bugs or for HTC to release the HTC Bravo in the states to upgrade...

    Maybe HTC used better hardware on the HTC Bravo... Or I might just wait for Nexus 2.. With a dual core snapdragon chip...

    Has anybody tried this same setups on G1 or MyTouch to see if it's a HTC hardware prob... :thinking:
  17. jpw

    jpw Newbie

    Update: I have tried a total of 4 different WiFi spots with my N1 + Sipdroid / Gizmo5 and they all sound terrible. Sound cuts in and out for me and the person I'm calling. I'll try 3G later today but I will be shocked if it works. I've tried Sipdroid 1.2.4 as well as 1.1.8 and I also tried GUAVA.

    If I was set on T-Mobile's $40/mo data only plan this would be a deal breaker.
  18. donalgodon

    donalgodon Lurker

    How about Skype calls via Fring? How is the quality?
  19. Y314K

    Y314K Well-Known Member

  20. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I downloaded Nimbuzz from the Android market and installed it on my Nexus One. It looks like Nimbuzz is not a true VoIP client. It doesn't support SIP. So no Gizmo, no Sipgate, etc.

    As far as I can tell, of the services I have, it only supports Skype.

    I was going to test Skype, but Nimbuzz won't let you call an offline contact. My friends usually appear offline even when they are not, so I couldn't call anybody right now to test Nimbuzz. But it doesn't look that interesting if it doesn't support SIP.

    Here's a link I found helpful:
    Android VOIP - voip-info.org
    I tried a bunch of those apps, including RF.com.

    RF.com allowed me to connect a call through Gizmo, but the segment of the call from my Nexus One to Gizmo is connected via the PSTN (T-Mobile cellular in this case). I did some tests and the Gizmo calls with RF.com had good quality. This is yet more evidence that the problem with VoIP quality on the Nexus One is related to the VoIP functionality of the phone itself, not Gizmo. (In other words, a call routed through Gizmo but using the cellular connection on the Nexus One is good quality, but a call also routed through Gizmo but using WiFi always has poor quality: therefore, Gizmo is not the problem. Hope I explained that clearly...)

    I'll try to keep testing stuff...
  21. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Good question. I decided to test this. Every Skype Out call is immediately terminating. Thinking maybe Nimbuzz was causing a conflict, I uninstalled Nimbuzz. Now the only downloaded VoIP app on my Nexus One (since I did the reset) is Fring. But all Skype Out calls are immediately terminated. I think I'll have to trouble shoot this and report back later...
  22. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I was able to call Skype's call testing service with Fring. Fring does a very funny thing. When you have a headset plugged in, you hear the call ringing, but as soon as the other party answers, the call is switched to the phone's mic and speaker. When you hang up, you momentarily hear sounds through the headset again as the call is terminated.
  23. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I did some more testing and I was able to get Skype Out working with Fring, and to make a test call using a headset. I have the phone in airplane mode and on WiFi, so I know the call is going out over WiFI. The sound was actually decent quality both ways. It was the best VoIP test on the Nexus One so far. :)
  24. Y314K

    Y314K Well-Known Member

    Did u try this:

  25. MountainX

    MountainX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    As far as I could tell, Nimbuzz for Android doesn't have that feature. Maybe that is a feature of the PC client only? Anyway, I uninstalled Nimbuzz now.

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