Questions regarding root



I just got a Galaxy S3 and im planning on rooting it soon, when i try to get the product code, it just says "connection problem or invalid MMI code". This is my first android phone so im not to familiar to this yet. Any thoughts?


Android Expert
Before you go any farther...

Ask yourself what you need to do that actually requires root or if you just want to play with the phone. For most users it's probably the latter.

Android and hardware have come a long way. Storage space is usually adequate and a lot of customization is possible without root. For regular users there's just not as many things that require root as before. I haven't bothered to root my daily driver in a long time and nowadays usually recommend against it.

No offense to hard-working developers, but custom ROMs do vary some in terms of quality, stability, functionality and features. Rooting will void your warranty.

If you decide you really do need/want to root, look in the 'All Things Root' section of your phone's subforum. Plenty of info is available. Also, Google search is your friend. Do a LOT of reading. It's possible a mistake could 'brick' your phone (make it unusable). Make sure you understand why you're doing it, the exact steps required and all the terminology, and have a recovery plan and backups in case things go bad. Nobody likes to bail out a n00b just because he simply failed to do his homework first.