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[ROM] CyanogenMod 10 for the LG Motion 4G LGMS770 (l0)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PlayfulGod, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Trevor Philips

    Trevor Philips Android Enthusiast


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  2. Swagg422

    Swagg422 Well-Known Member

    Is there anything wrong with the gps file on the 9/03 build can't get it to stop searching or show up.
  3. Deadweasel

    Deadweasel Lurker

    Thanks so much for pointing this out! I've been :thinking: since getting CM10 working on my Motion, and all the sounds were oddly quiet. Now with a simple flash it's all back to proper levels!

    Now if only there could be something done about that purple 1080p video thing. Not a huge issue as I have a proper camera for videos if needed, but still an odd quirk in the ROM for sure.
  4. rollinkeloGee

    rollinkeloGee Lurker

    does this work on all firmware's I have firmwareF and when I install the zip from sd it sys update canceled zip bad or some thing like that the same thing goes for bobzhomes rom.please help me out I already bricked it once I don't want that again.
  5. MrGlowy

    MrGlowy Android Enthusiast

    It sounds like you got a bad download. Try downloading them into a computer then move them to your phone.
  6. rollinkeloGee

    rollinkeloGee Lurker

    did that too idk wat it is I followed the install process step by step and i have got no where with this rom or bobzhomes.
  7. Swagg422

    Swagg422 Well-Known Member

    I've had trouble with cm10 in terms past your best option is to start fresh with everything like I did. Download the 9/03 build again. Go back to stock version c and the factory reset(power + Vol -) root then flash cm10 then Gapps. Once u have it working you can tweak.
  8. XD005

    XD005 Lurker

    Very solid ROM.
    Only a couple issues.
    I switched back to stock as I need the things that don't work.
    But the only issues I saw was the korean caller ID, I can't send MMS,
    and still could be a bit louder, things like the system clicks could just be maybe a notch or two louder, notifications and ringtones could be a bit louder, they still weren't loud enough for me with xloud as I'm used to stock lol.
    But other than that, very good ROM. I've noticed that it actually runs faster than stock and the battery life is phenomenal so I hope to switch back soon.
  9. unicyclist

    unicyclist Well-Known Member

    I've clean flashed this twice, & have most of the same problems. Chinese caller ID, can't receive MMS (sends though), purple 1080p video, never finds GPS, and backlight staying on. No issue with sound levels: in-call, notifications, music all fine. I've tried flashing PG's MMS and GPS fixes, no help.

    This ROM does indeed run faster than stock, and has good battery life (unless backlight stays on). I hope my third flash is the fix, otherwise it's back to a stock based rom. I will miss all of CM's tweaks, improvements, and general awesomeness.
  10. johnnyl1111

    johnnyl1111 Android Expert

    Try my liquid smooth rom. Doesnt have near as many issues. Nav bar can be turned off in liquid settings just so ya know.
  11. unicyclist

    unicyclist Well-Known Member

    Don't all Motion ROMs based on CM have the same issues? I thought that since CM was the base, the issues would carry over.
  12. MrGlowy

    MrGlowy Android Enthusiast

    Johnny's Liquid smooth ran the best for me. I rarely got backlight, I got great battery life on it.
  13. I also can't use Bluetooth, on calls. Does anyone know a port or a fix for Bluetooth on phone calls.
  14. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    fix the sauce... fix the sauce... fix the sauce!!!
  15. CALiving

    CALiving Lurker

    Can you fix the Data Bars showing 1x. And play store icons are low quality on mobile network
  16. unicyclist

    unicyclist Well-Known Member

    I can see you're new here, so here's a tip. Asking for things like that sounds demanding, and these guys do this work for free, so they owe us nothing.

    The 1X data thing is a bug in CyanogenMod 10. It's been reported many times, and it's there in all the different ports of CM. It's just a minor annoyance. In trade, you get an awesome ROM, full of cuztomizability, for FREE!

    Be glad that your phone works with this FREE rom, and that PlayfulGod, BobzHome, the Cyanogen team, and all the other devs/modders do this work for you, AND provide support when they can.
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  17. Fix the sauce. LoL. PG, any hints on how to fix bluetooth on calls? Not that I'm very adept at rom modifications. LOL
  18. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    the sauce needs fixed lol
  19. bluesteeze

    bluesteeze Lurker

    I'm currently running bobzhome cm10. Is there a smoother rom? And is there a kitkat rom for lgms770?:thinking:
  20. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee Android Expert

    Between bobz and pg there are baseless ports you can use as for KitKat no there is no CM11 all of our devs seemed to have moved to other devices and come back for bug and stability fixes..
  21. beargarr

    beargarr Lurker

    Hey I was just wondering how I can fix this problem I've been having. I flashed the CyanogenMod 10 for the LG Motion 4G about 4-5 days ago. and I been having a problem with my lock screen. I can never get it to turn on the fist 3 times I push the power button. also some times my lock screen turns black but with a glow and after I push the power button it turns on. also last thing when I get calls the screen turns off too. I put the phone next to my ear and it goes off can takes forever to turn on. please help me

    I love this CyanogenMod 10 for the LG Motion 4G rom
    Thanks for everything please help!
  22. XjokiX7

    XjokiX7 Newbie

    Message me and I'll try to assist you the best I can. :)
  23. beargarr

    beargarr Lurker

    How I'm new to this sorry
  24. GameTheory

    GameTheory Android Expert

    click on his user name and then select "send private message"
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  25. xdrc45

    xdrc45 Android Enthusiast

    I was having these same problems on my motion after flashing CM10. I tried flashing the CM10 "all fixes zip" through CWM and the problem still persisted.
    I ended up wiping dalvik and cache, reflashing the "all fixes zip" then doing a factory reset through CWM and it fixed the problems for me. I can't promise this will work for you but it did fix it for me.

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