Root RSD Help


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Ok, I need some help. I downloaded the motorola drivers for 64 bit (im running windows 7 64), downloaded the latest version of RSDLite, and downloaded the droidmod sbf with SPRecovery on it. Boot into bootloader, run RSDLite, my phone and RSD both show as being connected via USB, Phone says battery OK and OK to program. BUT when i select the sbf file in rsd, the start button stays greyed out and I cannot click it. I have no idea what is going wrong since i followed everything exactly like it said to. Any ideas?

EDIT: Whenever i try to open RSDLite a box comes up that says "Dial-Up Connection" at the to of it. It basically is trying to set up a connection to the internet and fails. But RSD won't open till i close this thing. Any idea whats up?