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[THEME] Bugless Evolution

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Benny879, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Benny879

    Benny879 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    First and foremost all credit goes to Manup456 for creating this theme for the EVO. Permission was received from him to port this here. I recommend checking out his new website for a ton of cool stuff: http://digitalstylewars.com/

    This theme is available in both ROM and Theme Only format. This version can only be installed over Bugless Beast v.4. I've also posted alot of goodies to add in if you desire.

    Original Thread for this theme: [THEME] 8/30/2010 Manup456 The EVO Collection 2.2 UPDATED =) - xda-developers

    UPDATE v8 (Read Instructions!)
    - Optimized to work with Bugless Beast V0.5
    - Due to Pete moving all the apps to the data partition, I removed the themed apps from the main theme file and made them available separately in one big .zip. This way, you can install whatever apps you want and not install the ones you don't use. The new file is called "Bugless_Evolution_Apps.zip". Each .apk inside this .zip can be installed with a file manager. Before installing the themed app, be sure to uninstall the current app on your phone. For example: If you plan on installing the Google Search Widget, uninstall Google Search, and then install the provided GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk. Do this for each app you want to install. Themed apps included in the Bugless_Evolution_Apps.zip are:

    AudioManager v2.1.4
    ESPN ScoreCenter 1.0.5
    Facebook v1.3.2
    Genie Widget (Google News/Weather app)
    Gmail v2.3
    Google Search v1.1.2
    Google Voice v0.4.1.19
    Last Call Widget (100% transparent background, credit Manup456)
    SMS Popup
    Twitter v1.0.4

    UPDATE v7
    - Based on Manup's newest REVOlution theme version 1.2r1
    - Updated framework images (noticeable in notification pulldown)
    - Replaced stock music app with modified MusicMod 1.8 (uninstall MusicMod if you already have installed)
    - Updated Facebook and Twitter widgets
    - New lockscreen graphics
    - Browser bookmark button is fixed

    UPDATE v6
    - Fixed Bluetooth icon while on call
    - Added themed Twitter 1.0.3
    - Updated Google Search Widget
    - Added themed SMS Popup app
    - Removed LauncherPro.apk (install with method listed below)

    UPDATE v5

    - Themed LauncherPro (see below for details)
    - Updated BlackMMS to latest version (more options)
    - Updated Superuser to 2.3.3
    - Updated Gmail to leaked version 2.2.1
    - Removed "Verizon Wireless" badging from lockscreen and notification bar
    - Added Droid 2 boot animation

    UPDATE v4
    This isn't a very big visual update, but there should be some performance and stability fixes.

    - Fully De-odexed ROM
    - All .apk's have been zip-aligned and optimized for performance
    (You should see an overall performance boost and save about 10 MB of system RAM over v3)
    - Includes newest version of Google Search widget (Themed)
    - Removed VoiceSearch.apk from ROM. After installing v4, download Google Voice Search from market to get newest version.
    - Themed Facebook 1.3.2

    UPDATE v3
    - Themed lock screen sliders
    - Updated notification pulldown bar (removed Evo tagging). Also fixed resolution issues when in landscape.
    - Cleaned up Google Search Widget
    - Modified phone keypad to go more with theme
    - Added newest versions of Facebook (1.3.1) and Twitter (1.0.2) both themed.
    - Added Manup's Evolution wallpaper pack to Launcher2.apk. Accessible through your default wallpaper menu.
    - Added Superuser 2.3

    UPDATE v2
    - Updated status bar to be solid black instead of transparent
    - Entire notification bar is now transparent including item boxes
    - Updated signal bar icons
    - Updated misc framework images
    - Added BlackMMS
    - New icons for Twitter and Facebook apps
    - New themed Analog Clock widget
    - Evolution fonts are now built in
    - Now available in Full ROM and Theme Only downloads :)

    Theme Download (Do not wipe): Bugless_Evolution_v8.zip
    Themed Apps: Bugless_Evolution_Apps.zip (Extract .zip and place .apk's on your SD card. Install apps with a file manager) [UPDATED 10/14/10]

    Brightness Fix: Evolution_Brightness_Fix.zip (Round battery users only)

    Transparent Dialer: Evolution_Transparent_Dialer.zip

    Alternate Battery Icon: Evolution_Alt_Battery_v8.zip


    No Clock Modification: Evolution_No_Clock.zip --> Flash this LAST (works with both battery styles)


    Installation: All .zip's can be installed with either Clockwork or SPRecovery. Change name to update.zip for SPRecovery.

    Optional Font packages (Install with Clockwork Recovery ONLY)

    Stock font package flash this .zip --> Default_Fonts.zip
    Evolution font package flash this .zip --> Evolution_Font.zip
    Kangerade (NexTheme) font package flash this .zip --> Kanged_Fonts.zip
    Dark Edge font package flash this .zip --> DarkEdge_Fonts.zip

    Themed LauncherPro

    Below is the download for a themed version of LauncherPro I changed a lot more images this time around. All highlights that were yellow/orange before are now green. Widgets are still themed as well as the trash can. If your on v5, delete your LauncherPro.apk from system/app (use Root Explorer). This new .apk can be installed through a file manager as it is signed.

    Download: Evolution-LauncherPro-

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Alot of people are asking about the LauncherPro dock that I have pictured. I'm posting a file that has both the dock background and the text icons that Manup designed for this theme. Use whatever shortcut you want and just match the word icon up with what best describes what your doing.

    Evolution_Dock.zip --> This is NOT flashable through recovery. This .zip contains icons and a background dock image that needs to be applied through the LauncherPro preferences.


    Themed htc_ime keyboard: Download
    Install with a file manager as you would any other .apk.


    Special Thanks...

    Manup456 for the theme and all the great work he creates
    Pete for his work on Bugless Beast
    All other themers for inspiring me and helping me get this done


    Donate if you like my ports! Money will goto a new phone.


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  2. macktns

    macktns Member

    This didn't work for me, no idea why but it got stuck at the moto logo.
  3. wadsface

    wadsface Member

    DL'd isntalled fine and looks awesome.
  4. condog

    condog Android Enthusiast

    ahhhh where were you two days ago!! :) looks great and cant wait to give it a try.
  5. Benny879

    Benny879 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Did you install ROM or theme only?
  6. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Except for the fact that it is based upon the EVO...

    This looks spiffy. Very clean and different look.

    If Wadsface can tell me 1) where the bg came from, and 2) how he got that clock to display words as opposed to numbers, I'll be very close to trying this ROM out....
  7. esmith818

    esmith818 Android Enthusiast

    I was starting to feel like a retired exhibitionist (I hadn't flashed in over two weeks), but this thread proves my career is not over. Park joggers beware!

    (Oh, and thanks for posting a screenshot showing the calendar widget. So many themers seem to overlook that widget which has been a deal breaker for me too many times to count.)
  8. Benny879

    Benny879 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    The clock widget is called "Tajm". The worded battery widget is called "Battstatt"
  9. Benny879

    Benny879 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Updated OP with alternate battery icon
  10. rcourt529

    rcourt529 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone explain more in detail about how to install the Evolution Dock?
  11. yufice

    yufice Well-Known Member

    Evolution Dock:

    1. Download launcher pro, download the evolution doc zip in the OP.
    2. Put the evolution doc contents onto your SD card somewhere.
    2. Menu > Preferences > Dock Background
    3. Click Custom and your gallery should open up. Find the evo dock pics, and find the one that looks blank.
    4. Long press on a dock icon and click Change Shortcut. Select your action, then select Custom Icon. Navigate like you did to find the dock background, and match up whatever image you want to use for that particular shortcut.
    5. Repeat step 4 for each of those icons.
    krouget and rcourt529 like this.
  12. wadsface

    wadsface Member

    This is true, and the BG was a google image search for "black and white anime"
  13. condog

    condog Android Enthusiast

    this is great. just wish the lockscreen tabs (unlock and silence) had been themed.
  14. yufice

    yufice Well-Known Member

    It looks like your widget is bigger than mine, that's my only problem with this widget, it's lack of size customization. other than that, great find on the widget, i love it.

    this theme is professional. nicely done.
  15. rcourt529

    rcourt529 Well-Known Member


    Got it setup, liking it so far! (thanks for the assist yufice)
  16. esmith818

    esmith818 Android Enthusiast

    Another case of widget envy. Wouldn't it be great if all our widgets came with size customization? ;)

    P.S. Did you see that the paid version of LauncherPro allows you to resize widgets? You can test this in the free version. Long press a widget on your screen and drag from bottom, right corner.
  17. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser

    Really digging the way this looks :)

    Maybe this'll be my next project for the X :D
  18. xr4ti

    xr4ti Newbie

    Put this theme on yesterday and it looks great! Thanks. One question, everything looks good on mine except the themed Twitter and Facebook, can't get mine to look like the screen shots, any ideas??
  19. Benny879

    Benny879 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey Fab...looks even better on the phone than it does in pictures. Been an avid user of your NexTheme port until this came around :)
  20. Benny879

    Benny879 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    You must have updated to the newest versions which unthemed them. Ill post themed versions of the newest updates tonight.
    droid_freak and xr4ti like this.
  21. xr4ti

    xr4ti Newbie

    Thanks, looking forward to them. Great job on this too.
  22. yufice

    yufice Well-Known Member

    Thought about this. My problem with that is it doesn't scale well, the text that is. When making the widget into a 2x1 or even a 4x1 the text doesn't really get larger. I'm more specifically wanting to resize the "past", "minutes to" and the date text. It's too small in juxtaposition to the number text.
  23. essplode

    essplode Newbie

    Loving the theme so far. My only problem is that when I apply the custom icons to the dock they will sometimes randomly switch back the regular launcher pro icons.
  24. yufice

    yufice Well-Known Member

    change the shortcut, even if you want it to be the default shortcut. changing just the icon is buggy and doesn't "stick" most of the time.
    essplode likes this.
  25. anderson620

    anderson620 Well-Known Member

    Any chance we'll see this theme for SS 4.6???

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