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Tmobile S4 IMEI Fix! HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by KhaLeef, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. KhaLeef

    KhaLeef Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello All,
    Please i'm new here and i have a problem with my Galaxy S4 SGH-M919. I've been running custom roms since 2-3months i got the phone from an old user. I reflashed my ROM when i noticed the Signal was crossed out, I reflashed the ROM like twice, same. The decided to flash Stock via Odin. After flashing stock firmware on ODIN, the signal was still crossed. I checked my IMEI and found it "Null/Null" and the Baseband Version "Unknown" I have tried so many methods i can to fix it. Non worked!

    I went to a Local Repairer who has th Z3X BOX. After some tries, the Repairer complained my phone is not connecting to the Box Software. And that the *#9090# does not show the DIAG Settings to put the phone in DIAG Mode.

    Can anyone suggest what i can do? I dont have so much money to mail my phone to those Youtube Fix Guys or the Costly Remotely Fix.

    My IMEI was not blocked, cos i checked on Tmobile's site and they said my Phone is Ready for use.

    I'm on NH7 Bootloader and 4.4.4 KitKat. and not possible to downgrade to a previous version.

    Any help, please?

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  2. dynomot

    dynomot Android Expert

    I'm sorry to tell you this, but it seems you have corrupted your EFS folder. Unfortunately, without a back up of it that is made with a custom recovery or some apps they need the phone to be rooted to work you are basically lost.

    Your EFS folder is, in non rooted phones a hidden folder that contains information on your IMEI, baseband, modem etc. It is one if the few things that are not overwritten by flashing a new ROM as it unique to your phone. Using Odin can corrupt it. If your rooted you can see it, but making an ordinary copy of it is useless as you can't just delete the corrupted folder and paste a good one. One back up of it is all that is ever needed, to restore it, but if you don't have one your device will not connect to any network with any SIM and the IMEI will display as "null/null".
  3. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums KhaLeef! :)

    I am sorry to learn that you are having problems but must concur with dynomot that the source of your problem is a missing or corrupt /efs file.

    As dynomot states, this file contains unique information about a particular handset and is never, usually, overwritten or replaced during flashing. Hence my warning in #3.3 of the Rooting Galaxy S4 - Dummies Guide...

    However, there is one ray of hope and that is that some custom ROM's, custom kernels or a custom recovery, do, if selected, make a backup of your efs file and if so, you could use that backup to restore your /efs file.

    Alternatively, you could try the method listed below...

    [GUIDE] Recover your IMEI in 9 steps.

    I have never done this myself and cannot vouch for it and would suggest it as a last resort.
  4. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert

    You can also try a factory reset and flash official T-Mobile-specific Sammy firmware from SamMobile.
  5. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    Good shout old boy!

    As Hawker states, it might be a good idea, if you have not already tried it, to flash the stock Samsung firmware for your variant of phone and CSC code, by carefully reading and following the instructions in the links of #1.5 of 29 Galaxy S4 models - know yours? in case the problem is with one of your custom ROMs and not your /efs file.
  6. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert

    As far as I know, flashing your correct official carrier-specific firmware through Odin rebuilds your IMEI/EFS appropriately.

    KhaLeef, a simple re-flash of your modem, or even a more up-to-date one could suffice.
    Might be worth trying that first.
  7. dynomot

    dynomot Android Expert

    The OP should at least try it. It didn't work on my SGSIII though. :( I eventually got it sorted only because I was sure I had a backup of the EFS somewhere. I found it on one of 16 USB drives I have, eventually.

    I was told by someone ( I think it was 'Slug' - I could be wrong, I know I believed them ) that it was "borked" without a back up, and no matter what I did flashing wise they seemed to be correct.
  8. KhaLeef

    KhaLeef Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I appreciate everyones comment but...

    I already knew it was due to a corrupt EFS folder. Cos i already verified my IMEI and it wasnt Blacklisted.

    I have tried all method suggested before posting the thread. I have flashed Stock Firmware almost a Hundred times. The IMEI is still Null.

    I have even visited a Local repairer with Z3X Box and he complained the 4.4.4 Update would not allow the Process successful and also the ServiceMode Command *#9090# will not bring the options when dialed. Just a blank page.

    Dont know what to do next.

    The only try i havnt yet is to flash a EFS Backup from another alike device. And alot of peeps on the XDA Community are scared that i might receive their sms and calls.


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