Help wanna buy a xprt,but have some quo.thx


1.can i use it in china?
2.dos xprt have android2.3 rom?
3. how to install rom?
i'm afraid that xprt's rom won't update`:)
thank you```


Is it possible for someone to extract the stock .apk files from their /system/apps folder and make them available so people can attempt to reinstall stock apps without the unavailable .sbf file?

The problem currently with the phone is the .sbf has not leaked. As such, no one has the cojones to flash to different ROMs and no true developers have built up a rom to work on the XPRT. You're stuck with stock ROM, but it isn't terrible. You can root with OneClick and remove some stock stuff. The problem is reinstalling stock apps. I didn't strap anything to do this and now I'm unable to push the 4.1.110 update. It's a good phone though. I installed SetCPU and trickled voltage in and pushed my normal phone battery life to 4-5 days. It turned into a good phone. It is more a phone than an entertainment device, but the functionality is everything a typical user who is not watching movies or playing high-end games on their phone would ask for. I am a very happy owner.