which phone is better?


I can't decide between the Galaxy Siii or the Note 2??? which is better as a phone? I actually hardly make phone calls but send alot of sms and mms and use the internet and games alot.


I have both phones, and for using it the way you describe, I would choose the Note 2 hands down, because of the amazing larger screen. They are both great phones, and fast as lightening, so for gaming and surfing the net, the larger screen will make the difference.


i have both and carrying the S3 is a little easier but i wouldn't give up the amazing battery, screen and additional features that the Note 2 has.


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The Note 2 is better. Without a doubt. More features, better battery, louder call and speaker volume, super amoled + non pentile screen, multi window, s-pen.

The only advantage to using the Siii is that it's easier to manage with one hand and easier to put in the pocket.

I thought I would have issue with the size, however now that I have it, I can't imagine using a smaller phone. Dwarfs my old (and wife's current) Siii's. I did love my S3, but the Note 2 is the Siii on steroids.


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I had the S3 and loved it. My 14 day return period ended the day the N2 became available. Since the N2 kept calling to me, I finally just swapped it out. The main draw for me was the brighter screen. I am very glad I switched. The has so many cool features I didn't even know I wanted.


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I played with the DNA, Note 2 and the iPhione 5 at the Verizon store (they know me well there, as I spend a lot of time messing with my most likely candidates for my next upgrade.. and no, I had serious doubts about the iPhone right from the beginning ;)).

Anyway, the N2 won and it won big time. I went home and made the purchase online because of an offered discount; got it yesterday and was astounded at the end of the day with over 60% battery life remaining despite my nearly constant configuring and internet browsing, texting and a few phone calls.

Incidentally (side subject), some of you may not know about the clever sub-forum over in the Android Lounge which is for phone and even carrier comparison discussion: Device/Carrier Comparisons - Android Forums

Lots more hashed out there.. once in a while threads like this one are moved there for more participation from curious users. :)