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  1. Fuego

    Fuego Active Member

    gameboid does not have the ability to use gameshark codes. at least not directly. if you google gameboid gameshark, you will come across various posts of people using vba (visual boy advance) to use permament codes (more money, stat hacking, pokemon, etc). Keep in mind, this uses the in game save, not a save state. I haven't tried this, so I don't know how easy it is, but I bet you can get help if you have problems from whatever forum you find the info.

  2. visualvalhalla

    visualvalhalla Well-Known Member

  3. Super Jay

    Super Jay New Member

    Ues a computer emulator such as visual boy advanced and put them on there then put the sav on your sd this will not work for temperary cheats
  4. Fuego

    Fuego Active Member

    Breath of Fire

    Breath of Fire II

    Mother 1+2

    Mother 3

    Does anyone know if blackbrawler is ever gonna update this thread? I am in favor of continued posting, but it does make it difficult to go through every reply to make sure I am not duplicating anything. I might make a new thread and take ownership of updates if he can't.
  5. howtodo?

    howtodo? Member

    im trying to get gba to work it wont. neither will sega or nes. my droid is rooted do emulators work on rooted droids?? i am dumb i dont care just wanna mke sure im not crazy too lol.
  6. Fuego

    Fuego Active Member

    Rooting shouldn't have any effect on the running of gameboid. I don't have a droid, but I haven't heard of anyone having problems on the droid. Make sure you have gba_bios.bin.
  7. howtodo?

    howtodo? Member

    KI did dl gba_bios.bin file from both a link in this thread and another from rapidshare but after opening gameboid I clidck browse go to down load and click the gba white page and it goes back to browse or cancel. Idk if I mised something I'm not unziping the bin file. it won't work for nes or snes either.
  8. Fuego

    Fuego Active Member nesoid and snesoid aren't working either, right? that's weird. start another thread that explains the problems you are having. I will look at it there as well as it might get others to look at it as well. People who might know what the problem is might not check this thread because of the title of the thread. Oh, and post a link to the thread please.
  9. howtodo?

    howtodo? Member

    i Got Gba to work i cleaned up the phone re instaledd bb rom and dled the gba bin file from the comp as oppose to using the phone, and now im playing earthworm jim 2 lol fu king nuts. now im gonna re try snes. do you know if pilot wings work, or anyone else know?
  10. Fuego

    Fuego Active Member

    Glad you got it working. Sorry I wasn't more help, but it can be hard to diagnose problems without seeing the phone.
  11. Fuego

    Fuego Active Member

  12. KatanaPL

    KatanaPL New Member

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories

    Of course it DOES WORK, just do this:

    - when the game hangs during Intro Movie - save the game and load the save back - easy ;) enjoy :)
  13. Fuego

    Fuego Active Member

    Great find KatanaPL! I just tried this and it works just like you said. I just did a quick save when the game froze, then did a quick load and it picked up where it froze, but with no issues. Very cool!
  14. Flaring Afro

    Flaring Afro Well-Known Member

    Can anyone confirm Final Fantasy Tactics Advance? It worked on pocketgba until the first temple which has a video cutscene that has weird graphics. (A black portal thing that sucks you in).
  15. nomadic

    nomadic Well-Known Member

    Don't have time to color code or link to wiki, but the following run perfectly so add them to the green list:

    Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles
    Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
    Contra Advance: The Alien Wars
    Bionicle: Maze of Shadow
    Crash Bandicoot - XS
    Dynasty Warriors Advance
    Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure
    Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time
    Racing Gears Advance
    Sonic Battle
    GT Advance 2
  16. omfgwtflawl

    omfgwtflawl Well-Known Member

    Mother 3 works, and so does Mother 1+2. Although for those you're gonna need the English patches on them unless you can read Japanese :p
  17. Fuego

    Fuego Active Member

    @flaring afro: do u know where I can get a save state for that? I can test it out then. Also, just for grins, have you tried the trick mentioned above that makes kingdom hearts work?
  18. Flaring Afro

    Flaring Afro Well-Known Member

    I still have a windows mobile phone (waiting for either the N1 or the Incredible to come to verizon). I was just curious. That trick did not work in pocketgba but that was a lot less developed than gameboid. Was just curious because it's hours into the game but still keeps you from getting far.
  19. Fuego

    Fuego Active Member

    I am not sure. I haven't played long enough to get to that part. If it doesn't work, you can always email the dev. He is really good about responding quickly. Hopefully, someone who has played the game on an android device will chime in. It sounds like you are going to get an android device in any case. You can always download the "lite" version of the app and see if things work. The only difference, afaik, between the lite and paid is the paid enables "save states", meaning you can save the game at any time. You can still save in-game, using the game's save options in the "lite" version.
  20. Fuego

    Fuego Active Member

    I found a sav file that I can use. It seems to be a couple of missions before the first temple, but give me a couple of days (maybe a week depending on work schedule) and I will let you know what I find. If the KH:CoM trick doesn't work, then I will email the dev and let him know.

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