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considering N1, have questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by substance12, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. substance12

    substance12 Member
    Thread Starter

    Mar 18, 2010
    I'm currently using a JB 3G and now that the N1 is available for the ATT network, I've been cruising the web for all sorts of info I can find on the N1. I would like to tell you all how I use my 3G and would appreciate N1 users feedback on how the N1 can satisfy those needs.

    1. I JB my iphone such that I could get a calendar/todo/weather on the lockscreen. it's very important to me that I can instantly see what I have going on for the day or week. 5 day forecast for the weather is important too.

    2. podcasts. from what I've read, doggcatcher is what i'm looking for. supposedly audible is coming out for android support so that's not an issue either. I really like how the iphone remembers the position. if i'm listening to a podcast and then quit out, when i return, i'm back at the same spot. will doggcatcher or google listen or some other podcast player do the same? side note, why is media subdivided into separate programs on android? it should be all the same program. well not a big deal.

    3. internet. i'm guessing that the android experience is equal or better here and that i'll even have the option to use firefox mobile or opera.

    4. phone. i'll miss visual voicemail but i guess google voice is a decent alternative. i've heard the N1 isn't too loud but the 3g aint loud either. no loss here.

    5. apps. i'm primarily interested in informational apps or getting things done type apps. evernote, yelp, mint (coming soon), pandora, photoshop mobile. basic time killer games.

    6. alarms/notification. i've heard the notification system on android is far superior. it can't be worse or more basic than the iphone one. as far as alarm clocks. does android allow you to create alarm profiles like "weekday only"?

    7. camera. this one is obvious but i've certain things about how the 3gs, despite it's lower MP count is still equal to the N1 (or was it the droid?). doesn't android allow you to upload directly to picasa from the app itself?

    I get the impression that android will let me do things my way. that's one of the driving forces that is pushing me away from apple. It's not really fun going through the JB experience every time new firmware gets pushed out.


  2. tarusdg

    tarusdg Newbie

    Nov 9, 2008
    Clinical Therapist
    Smyrna, TN

    1. There is an app called flyscreen for that. or you could just use various widgets fir info on your homescreen

    2.never tried doggcatcher but google listen is great

    3.internet experience is great especially on the big screen with multitouch support. also, like you mentioned, there are various browsers either available or will become available soon.

    4. youmail is great for visual voicemail in my opinion

    5.Android has great informative apps. usa today, AP news. weather apps etc. a higher percentage are free compared to the app store.

    6. android notifications are superior iphone. weekday option is available for the alarm clock.

    7. allows you to upload to various sites including picasa. nexus one cam is great especially with the flash.

    hope this helps

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