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Google Voice is nigh

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Chuck O. Jones, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Chuck O. Jones

    Thread Starter

    ...for the rest of us:

    Google Voice currently tested in Europe ahead of international launch

    Google is currently


  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    He 'particularly enjoys the voicemail transcription service' because it's hilariously inaccurate.

    But it's good that you guys are getting Voice in Europe. It's a great service, outside of the visual voicemail thing that fails horribly at transcribing messages.
  3. Chuck O. Jones

    Thread Starter

    So how about the voice input feature on Android (2.2? and 2.3)? It works in differrent languages and can, at times, be remarkably accurate and fast. It's a two-sided sword though because it sometimes is wildly inaccurate too. I use it every day for short emails, SMS, satnav input, etc. etc.
    Is that voice input feature part of 'Google Voice'? And now they are going to release the rest of Google Voice's functionality? Or what?
  4. Goreygirl

    Goreygirl Android Enthusiast

    Great but does it mean mainland Europe or will Western Europe be included?
  5. Chuck O. Jones

    Thread Starter

    Yeah, a definition of what constitutes 'Europe' for Google would be nice. Is it geographical Europe? Up to the Ural mountains? Or the political EU, European Union (27 countries)? Or the financial
  6. gfinockio

    gfinockio Newbie

    If Europe gets GV before Canada, I'm done with Google permanently. I'll trade in my phone for a Blackberry, start using Bing, and boycott their advertisers!
  7. Chuck O. Jones

    Thread Starter

    :D rotflmao! :D
  8. Goreygirl

    Goreygirl Android Enthusiast

  9. claus1953

    claus1953 Well-Known Member

  10. Chuck O. Jones

    Thread Starter

    Astute, young man, astute.
    What gave me away? It was those damn stigmata again, eh!

  11. claus1953

    claus1953 Well-Known Member

    "Young man"?? Lol that is another good one.... thanks appreciate that :D

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