Help Headphone jack not working on my Galaxy Note 4

My galaxy note 4's headphone jack does not seem to detect my headphones, or any wires plugged into the headphone jack. But i found a work around for that by using a third party App that makes me able to use it. But i cant use any of my headphones without it. Ive tried to see if it was only one of my headphones messing up, but they all didnt work.


It does sound like a problem with the headphone jack, repair required. Probably for Samsung service to do it, a lot of money. Something a local independent repairer should be able to do though.
So your headphones will work if you use an app? Maybe it's time for a factory reset. One of your apps that can send audio through the headphones jack must be getting wonky. Factory reset and start over until you find the app responsible and then look for a replacement app with the same functionality. JMHO