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How to hard reset?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fmylife, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. fmylife

    fmylife Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So... I can't access my home screen due to a theming screw-up. I'd like to just restore the phone to its factory settings by hard reseting (as I have no access to my phone). All of the information on the internet tells me to hold the Volume Down button while pressing (& releasing) the Power button. Through my many attempts, I've deduced this just doesn't work. It just powers up as usual.

    Any ideas?

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  2. nickib

    nickib Newbie

    This procedure worked for me when I had to do a hard reset . . . hope this helps.

    Turn phone completely off. Press & hold the following 3 buttons at same time:

    volume down - - - green phone - - - red phone - - - - all at same time - hold until you see a reboot option. Scroll down & select "wipe data factory reset".

    Code 588091

    To confirm press volume UP. Once it says complete it will take you back to screen - select "reboot"

    To confirm press volume DOWN. It will restart - then go to gmail, sign in and everything will be there.
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  3. capkkirk100

    capkkirk100 Lurker

    Ok, here is the correct way to HARD RESET SAMSUNG INTERCEPT...noobs... =)

    Then you'll see all the prompts...hope this helps!

    Your previous instructions were for resetting SAMSUNG MOMENT....
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  4. cellfonepimp

    cellfonepimp Lurker

    Not really a noob here and I cant get these instructions to work at all!!!

    I have 2 of them and none of the instructions work!

    edit: I dont understand how but that finally worked on both, after numerous attempts.
  5. sprint_tech

    sprint_tech Lurker

    that "Code" you posted is your MSL (master subsidy lock) and you probably shouldn't publish that online, becuase with that someone could clone your phone. Also, that code is of no use to anyone, except for you as it is unique to your device.
  6. androidken

    androidken Lurker

    i have an korean android Kt tech janus km s200 how do i reset that? nothings working
  7. cutiepie7262

    cutiepie7262 Lurker

    when i tryed that nuthing showed up ......what do i do
  8. cutiepie7262

    cutiepie7262 Lurker

    when i tryed that nuthing showed up ......what do i do

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