Samsung Galaxy S5 G900P


Desperately need help from the experts. Great phone works well here in UK and abroad. However, when abroad I can roam, make calls send texts but internet access/data does not function. Any ideas as to what maybe causing it? Here are some details:
Android version 5.0
Basedband version G900PVPU3BOG1
Kernel version 3.4.0-4781399 dpi@SWHD4420 # 1 thurs Jul 30 15:34:16 KST 2015
Build No. DONGCHAO.A519
Hardware version G900P.04
thanks for any help.


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You do not mention which countries or networks that you are attempting to use your phone on.

The Galaxy S5 model G900P is a CDMA model. Only 2 countries in the world still now, partially, run CDMA networks... China and Verizon/Sprint/US Cellular in the USA. Thus making it one of the least compatible phones to use outside of these networks/areas. For instance, 4G/LTE on this model, although it is on GSM, will not work on most global networks. Perhaps if you change to 2G/3G in Settings, you may have more luck on the slower 3G networks. See, also...

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Also, you may want to check with your carrier as regards their firmware's data settings for roaming outside the U.S.
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Thank you so much for the replies and information.
I'm based in the UK and phone works perfectly on the 3 network. My experiences of no internet and data connectivity have occured in Portugal and Ireland.
Judging from the information on the link Will My Phone Work? I suspect that if I switch the phone to 3G mode then it should resolve the problem when I'm in Portugal and Ireland!? If anyone can confirm my assumption, I will be grateful.
Thank you.
PS. It is strange that it works in the UK in 4G mode without problems!