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Post your 4G(lol) data speeds (Atrix only)

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  1. redrider67

    redrider67 Well-Known Member

  2. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    I actually use multiple apps to do these speed test..the most accurate one IMO is speakeasy (the website).
  3. Phoneguy65

    Phoneguy65 Member

    Speed Test
    11:44am, Bartonville, TX. server (Just North of Dallas)
    Down: 3236 kbps
    Up: 337 kbps
    Ping: 225ms
  4. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    How do you know that speakeasy is the most accurate?

    I'm just curious as different speed testing sites use different methods for testing. Some will use a single socket, some will use multiple sockets. Some a combination based on ping times, etc....

    The best test would be a two part test:

    • Atrix to the radio tower bandwidth
    • Radio tower through the landline backhaul
    Ok, maybe 3. Backhaul internet drain to the destination :D Most of these "speed tests" are testing all 3 as 1.

    Keep them coming! Looks like the ATT network has high ping times, but the telus network seems to be a lot better!
  5. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    My speeds got really bad this afternoon (still bad): .5 Mbps down and .12 Mbps up. I am not sure why..hmmm
  6. CX876

    CX876 Member

    San Francisco, CA

    the most I got around 3.26 - 1.16Mbps UP, and 0.24 - 0.42MBPs DOWN,
    no a big problem for me when using this phone but I found that I normally get higher speed in early morning or late mid night when not many people are using their cell phone
  7. oHIobellboy

    oHIobellboy Member

    I know I'm thread jacking....but how the hell do you do a screen shot with this thing?
  8. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    You have to root your device and then install an app called "screenshot" .
  9. oHIobellboy

    oHIobellboy Member

    Thanks. I'll hold off on that. Haven't had it a week yet. I did find that I can email the results to myself on the speedtest.net app and then upload the pix to truck forums I'm on.
  10. brawndo

    brawndo Active Member

    Is there anything I can do to improve my speeds? Does rooting it help or something cuz it doesn't seem like it would from what I've read about it.
  11. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    I just got these tonight:

  12. humjaba

    humjaba Active Member

    3235 / 357 in Clemson, SC using Atlanta, GA server

    My home internet is 1.5mbit so I'm completely happy with this. Also, my friends on Verizon struggle to get 800kbit in this area. I will have to try it on my gf's iPhone 4 soon, for comparison.
  13. John Jason

    John Jason Well-Known Member

    I'm in a 4G area and the menu always shows H+, although usually only two bars. I can't get internet radio stations to play without constantly stopping for buffering, so I suspect there is something wrong. I never have problems with voice calls, however. Using speedtest.net and a local server (35 miles) for three tests I get:

    0.59 Mbps down, 0.06 Mbps up
    1.28 Mbps down, 0.07 Mbps up
    0.39 Mbps down, 0.09 Mbps up

    Using the next closest city (266 miles) I get:

    0.99 Mbps down, 0.08 Mbps up
    1.30 Mbps down, 0.13 Mbps up
    0.95 Mbps down, 0.09 Mbps up

    Are those decent for an Atrix in a 4G area? Or should I take it back and throw it at the people behind the counter?
  14. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    Everyone is forgetting to post latency. Honestly, you can't compare speeds without this important piece of information.
  15. John Jason

    John Jason Well-Known Member

    OK, I just ran the tests again at 5:30 pm. The first set of three are at a local server 35 miles:

    0.53 Mbps down, 0.87 Mbps up, ping 296 ms.
    0.38 Mbps down, 0.92 Mbps up, ping 356 ms.
    0.92 Mbps down, 0.10 Mbps up, ping 309 ms.

    And from the next closest city, 266 miles away:

    0.00 Mbps down, 0.10 Mbps up, ping 347 ms.
    0.30 Mbps down, 0.13 Mbps up, ping 97 ms.
    0.51 Mbps down, 0.12 Mbps up, ping 222 ms.

    I should add that the first time I ran the tests this time speedtest.net (the app from the marketplace) said it couldn't even find the network. After several additional tries, waiting five minutes or so in between, I was finally able to get the above results.

    And I still can't get a streaming radio station, even a local station with server right here in town, to stay connected for more than about five minutes without going into buffering.

    The above is pathetic, but it is 5:30 pm. I'll try again late tonight and post if I get better results.
  16. prpz

    prpz Member

    My Atrix On Rogers (closer to att than any other us networ) Ontario Kitchener
    3 Bars 3550 ad 478
    My Galaxy Tab on the same network same place same plan reception
    5888 and 2200
    My Samsung Vibrant was doing
    4135 and 558 same place
    Most interesting......
  17. John Jason

    John Jason Well-Known Member

    OK, I posted above the results at 5:30 pm. Here are later results.

    Local server, 35 miles, 8:15 pm:
    1.41 Mbps down, 0.07 Mbps up, ping 262 ms
    1.08 Mbps down, 0.07 Mbps up, ping 308 ms
    1.18 Mbps down, 0.07 Mbps up, ping 309 ms
    Another city, 266 miles, 8:15 pm:
    0.44 Mbps down, 0.08 Mbps up, ping 176 ms
    0.47 Mbps down, 0.07 Mbps up, ping 298 ms
    0.55 Mbps down, 0.06 Mbps up, ping 7 ms

    Local server, 35 miles, midnight:
    1.30 Mbps down, 0.13 Mbps up, ping 447 ms
    1.13 Mbps down, 0.15 Mbps up, ping 8 ms
    0.82 Mbps down, 0.13 Mbps up, ping 302 ms
    Another city, 266 miles, midnight:
    0.69 Mbps down, 0.10 Mbps up, ping 393 ms
    0.51 Mbps down, 0.10 Mbps up, ping 275 ms
    0.40 Mbps down, 0.07 Mbps up, ping 416 ms

    These still seem pathetic to me.
  18. humjaba

    humjaba Active Member

    I just ran the speakeasy.net speedtest via flash and got 3.64/.31 and 4.25/.34
    The downloads are about the same as my girlfriend's iPhone 4, but the uploads are much slower.
  19. jimbush3

    jimbush3 Member

    "2011-03-11 00:22","Cell",138353,38287,143,"Hammond, LA"
    "2011-03-11 00:20","Cell",399768,41618,439,"Hammond, LA"
    "2011-03-11 00:19","Wifi",174545,49410,149,"Hammond, LA"
    "2011-03-07 19:27","Wifi",168077,48687,275,"Hammond, LA"

    Interesting results
  20. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    I'm curious as to the latency (ping time)?
  21. Revs9k01

    Revs9k01 Active Member

    The speeds we see on the SpeedTest app are defently off. It could just be that the app itself is glitchy because when i ran the SpeakEasy.Net test my results were more on average of above 3+ Down and .30 Up.
  22. John Jason

    John Jason Well-Known Member

    Speakeasy.net works on my laptop, but on my Atrix 4G I get the error that it requires Flash. That is with either the standard browser or with Opera Mini. I thought Flash was installed by default.

    Edit: OK, Flash was not installed, so I installed it. But speakeasy.net still says I need to update my browser, both with the default browser and Opera Mini.

    Edit: OK, had to enable Flash in the browser settings. Here are the results from Speakeasy.net at 9 am:

    0.53 Mbps down, 0.11 Mbps up
    0.79 Mbps down, 0.10 Mbps up
    0.26 Mbps down, 0.11 Mbps up

    Speakeasy.net does not give me a ping time. Also, I had to use Seattle, which is the closest city listed at speakeasy.net, which is the same city as I used as the second city in my tests above (266 miles).

    I don't see any appreciable difference in my results from speedtest.net and speakeasy.net. My speed still sucks.
  23. b1aze

    b1aze Member

    Server is 31miles away according to speedtest app.

    3.02Mbps down .31Mbps up with a 513ms ping. Live within 3miles from a major highway in NewEngland.
  24. humjaba

    humjaba Active Member

    Speakeasy site doesn't do latency, but I typically get 250 or so ms from the Speedtest.net app.
  25. John Jason

    John Jason Well-Known Member

    Well, the long and annoying chapter of my travails with the Atrix 4G are over. This afternoon I returned it.

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