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  1. dajean

    dajean New Member

    Use this to get a nice boost after the tutorial!


  2. SeZMehK

    SeZMehK New Member

    This is an interesting game. Use my referral code to receive free money and a free card. This also helps me out. Thanks :D

  3. xdarkspirex

    xdarkspirex New Member

    REF. CODE - OYN48074
    - FREE 100K + Angelic Knight (Rare God. Card)
  4. Wehaust

    Wehaust New Member

    Great Game!

    Reference Code: IAF84103

    Write down the above code. During the tutorial enter it when asked and you'll receive 100,000 rupies (thats a lot!) and an Angelic Knight (rare card). When your done add me in Mobage, my name is Wehaust, and I'll send you the rare card I received when you used that code. So thats 2 Rare Cards and 100,000 rupies to start! If you should need any help just ask me in mobage and Ill do what I can.

    Reference Code: IAF84103
  5. Cekell

    Cekell New Member

    Where do I put in a referral code?
  6. ShatteredHope

    ShatteredHope New Member

    lxg25127 rage of bahamut referral code! Put it in after the tutorial! Join order Absolution!
  7. Mrs Dynasty

    Mrs Dynasty New Member

    Awesome game!! Find me on ROB my user name is Mrs Dynasty. Use my code at the end of your tutorial and get 100k in rupies plus a rare card! Don't forget to do the terminal registration! Happy gaming all!

    CODE- Sqr42837

    P.S. - Join my order Dynasty Empire!!
  8. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    I don't know where you would put the code in the game. Try activating the menu.

    I've also merged this post with the already established Rage of Bahamut code thread, as people were posting their codes in the wrong area. Hopefully this reduces confusion and gives a bit better organization.
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  9. remyphet

    remyphet New Member

    this is remyphet Leader of Uchiha Clan im rank #1 player in the game. use my code and join my clan. code is aiy87475
  10. fel2941

    fel2941 Active Member

    This is a great game! once you get the hang of it, becomes very addicting

    Use my code : dik65141

    You get 100k rubies(game currency) as well as a "rare" god card Angelic Knight, If you use my code, forum pm me and ill make sure to get you the "rare" princess card i get for you using my code! (i have no need of it)
  11. eaglecrest

    eaglecrest New Member

    Rage of Bahamut is a great app for any trading card fans. It is easy to use and a lot of fun. Use the referral code dia71731 after the tutorial to get 100,000 rupies(glold) to spend in game and a rare angelic knight card. Hope you have as much fun as I have.
  12. Gunslinger2009

    Gunslinger2009 New Member

    My code is lat31610
  13. Loxaerion

    Loxaerion Member

    In case anyone was wondering about the many referral codes here. Well, they all offer the same goodies to anyone who use them. This means all the codes will invariably offer 100 000 in-game currencies (rupies) and the Angelic Knight card (Rare) to the user. To be fair, the person whose code you used will get a rare card as well.

    So... :D If you feel like helping me out, use this code:

  14. leegotti

    leegotti Member


    And feel free to add me.....leegotti
  15. cowbell1094

    cowbell1094 New Member

    Where can I find my code so I can give it to my friend?
  16. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    ^^2 above posts merged into ongoing code thread.

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  17. thefinalflame

    thefinalflame New Member

    please use my code xbd88467
  18. tclu822

    tclu822 New Member

    Referral code: cef68505

    Some tips for newbies:
    1. dont use any holy powder or cure water, they are useful to trade card with high level players

    2. dont trade S cards too easy, they are really valuable

    3. If you can read chinese, go and see the link

    Referral code: cef68505 Thx a lot
  19. Timbaktu

    Timbaktu New Member


    all the best in the game!
  20. Natrande

    Natrande New Member

    Enter the code GFP90533 get 100k and a rare card add me soul602
  21. freezemybrain

    freezemybrain New Member

    If you enter the below referral code I will gift you cards and rupees.


    in game name freezemybrain

    add me as friend and I will gift you items right away. I will be online for another few hours.
  22. Kaltivel

    Kaltivel New Member

    Enter this referral code at the end of the tutorial (vix55016) and receive a Rare Card,100000 rupies (in game currency), and 400 Friend Points (used to buy card packs). Add Kaltivel to your Mobage account and ill help you build your deck quick and efficiently. Join our order, "Order of Bahamut" and help raise it to the top!
  23. NoctFelicite

    NoctFelicite New Member

    Hey~ Feel free to use this code: aru89224 for some freebies. Shan't sugar-coat it... It's just 100k rupies and a free Angelic Knight card. Have fun~
  24. xcrossbladex

    xcrossbladex New Member

    My referral code is yuh01750, if you use it id appreciate it :D:D
  25. melis1644

    melis1644 New Member

    Use my code and get helpful treasure and a rare card!!!!!!!

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