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  1. weinthere

    weinthere New Member

    Get a free rare card and 100k rupies to use. Its worth it. Use referral code: aql22246

  2. BirdSpirit

    BirdSpirit Member

    Referral Code: TKB19733

    Use this for 100k Rupies and and Angelic Knight (Rare) card!
  3. Shipstan

    Shipstan New Member

    Enter vxz18721 to get a boost and help me out and add me as a fellow!
  4. falcon13110

    falcon13110 New Member

    qcq82172 it's my referral code for 100k roupies and a rare cards :thumbup:, use it :D;)
  5. Zythia

    Zythia New Member

    My code is kft26467, thank you and if you need and help, look me up at Mobage or within the game itself! Cheers!
  6. lexitootie

    lexitootie New Member

    My referral code: wkl37121
  7. Lohung

    Lohung Well-Known Member

    Great game.. think i like about it is you dont have to pay money to get really nice stuff...

    please use my referral i am newer and building... so my card and your card will be better since we are both starting out... MY Refferal number lmt91099
  8. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    We ask that everyone only post their referral codes once. Posting multiple copies of the same thread is considered spamming. If done accidentally, you can use the [​IMG] button to report the second posting. Multiple postings of the same referral code will result in the more recent post to be deleted.

    Thank you for your cooperation!
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  9. bruceyau

    bruceyau New Member

    Referral Code: rud35508

    Use this for 100k Rupies and and Angelic Knight (Rare) card. Enjoy the game~
  10. whosurbro

    whosurbro New Member

    New and Fresh referral code! Remember that these can only be used once, so... get it quickly! =D Mine is "iqv23430" (don't include the hyphens). Enter it after the tutorial and you will get a rare card (angelic knight) and 100,000 rupies, which are used for in-game card fushions and enhances. It will get you off to a humongous start! =D Thanks.
  11. Soloridge

    Soloridge New Member

    Great game. Post this code at the end of the tutorial and you'll get 100000 rupies and a rare card. Makes a huge difference in getting off to a good start. Enjoy!


    You have to do it right at the end of the tutorial.

    Good Luck and Have fun!
  12. travmorales08

    travmorales08 New Member

    this game is very fun u will spend a lot of hours playing this please use my card u get one rare card and if u join my order we will also help u out u also get 100000 rupies u should add me when u join travmorales08 order is supercalifragilisticespialadocious i am the co leader and we would love to have please use my code so we can help each other out LNX29239
  13. leegotti

    leegotti Member

    I just created an order for 'highER' level players that already have a grasp of the game. My goal is to get members that want to help each other for the order and become the best. I will make a website 'blog' for this order. If you are interested look up my name....leegotti. And the order is called Lord of war. Thank you
  14. Kaj88

    Kaj88 New Member


    It would be greatly appreciated if You use this referral code when starting the game:


    It help YOU a lot, too!

  15. Gaoukishi

    Gaoukishi New Member

    Yo! I m Gaou!
    if you want a rare card and 100k rupies put this referral code before end tutorial!
    yqi20645 :cool:
  16. Belial91

    Belial91 New Member

    Hey guys pls use this code after the trailer:D: hgi08118
  17. HitokiriX

    HitokiriX New Member

    Here is my referral code: qhw82123
  18. Oblic

    Oblic New Member

    Howdy! Just thought I'd add my code to the list. This seems to be the best place to get someone to use it. Anyway:

    Code: xxr49741
  19. thudumienque

    thudumienque New Member

    Please use my code after the tutorial " tip26713" for 100k and a rare card and also PM thudumienque i'll give you another rare card.
  20. clockwork3

    clockwork3 New Member

    Help me help you, drop my ref code after the tutorial for some sweet gifts. Code is xwx81218, thanks ahead of time. Happy gaming, RoB is a perfect little mobile game
  21. funkyjoe

    funkyjoe New Member

    please use my referral code qxd67514
  22. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Please note: Only one post per member is allowed.

    Duplicate posts/codes will be removed and action taken against repeat offenders.

    Thank you.
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  23. Feldrane

    Feldrane New Member

    Code: kqa48321
  24. bantx

    bantx New Member

    Referral Code: rgo61793
    Use it after tutorial and we both can a bonus (100K + rare card)

    This game is really addictive. My only advice is that if you want to do well in battles, then you should max all your rare cards before evolving. There is a HUGE boost to stats.

    Hope you can add my referral code after your tutorial. Enjoy this super addictive game!

    You can befriend me in the game: username = bantx
  25. chillmonster

    chillmonster New Member

    Solid game partly because you don't have to spend to do well. If you have questions finds ShinnobiWan in game. Make sure to build stamina first then heavy defense early. And don't trade until you have a good grasp of evolving and enhancement.

    FOR A BIGGER BONUS - Make sure you use referral code gng42383 and search me in game to get the extra bonus. (100k &rare + extra rare/50k from me.)

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