Funny pictures!


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Post up your favorite funny pics!!


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(long list redacted for brevity)

That's hilarious! And so much is so true. But #26 is a great big NO. See cwhatever's post below. Left lane bandits are *******s. There should be a law called "Conspiracy to Left Lane Bandotry" and it should be a capital crime. On the spot. No excuses.

That is all.


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I'm sorry to pick on you again Chris, but something about that photo is just plain wrong. I mean there's a reason why riding down the banister is fun. Safety isn't it, if you get my drift. :turtle:
Pick away Bud! :) BUT.....I dont understand what youre getting at. :eek:


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redneck jacuzzi

yeah got this one to work that i got from somewhere else but can't get any of mine to full size!!!:thinking::banghead::banghead:
or any that i upload.